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Female Authored Papers for Undergraduate Teaching

Featured Article: O’Neill,E. (1998). Disappearing Ink: Early Modern Women Philosophers and Their Fate in History. In Philosophy in a Feminist Voice: Critiques and Reconstructions; J. A. Kournay (ed) Princeton: Princeton University Press >> Abstract <<

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The Women’s Works provides a list of papers, books or chapters that could be used in undergraduate teaching, so that if an instructor wants to include more work by women in a syllabus, it is easier to do so. The site can be searched using Google, or papers can be listed by philosophical area or by author.

We were motivated to set up the site by the realisation that women philosophers are much less visible in the undergraduate curriculum than they need to be, and in many cases, appropriate and interesting work by women is available. The site aims to make it easy to identify potential work by women to use for teaching.

Thanks to the Australasian Association of Philosophy and Macquarie University.

Supported by the AAP Standing Commitee for Women in the Profession (SCWP)